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Morgan Law (Financial Services) Limited employ fully qualified Financial Advisers who will be able to assist you or your company within the parameters of the services we offer. They have between them years of experience in the Financial Services industry. As part of their membership to the Personal Finance Society (PFS) and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) the advisers are obliged to keep their knowledge up to date by completing on an on-going basis Continual Professional Development (CPD), meaning they are able to keep our clients abreast of ever changing financial developments.

Our Staff

Morgan Law (Financial Services) Limited support their qualified advisers by employing quality administrators enabling the company to have individuals focused on their strengths to the benefit of the company and our clients. Our administrators have between them differing skills and experience in the financial services industry and as a team support the advisers and liaise between them, our clients and their professional connections and the companies we deal with on a daily basis.

Career’s at Morgan Law (Financial Services) Limited

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